IPL Hair Reduction

by admin  /  Jun 24, 2019

Just like Skin Rejuvenation, IPL Hair Reduction works with a light based system where the chromophore is the melanin in the hair shaft. The light energy is absorbed by the melanin and changed into heat energy where we heat the hair follicle to 70 degrees Celsius. That heat radiates to the surrounding cells in the follicles causing death of the matrix cells. Therefore hair needs to be in the adult phase for hair reduction to be successful. When hair is in the adult or anagen phase, 2 very important components are present namely melanin and matrix cells. We use these two components to destroy the hair. Thus, hair must be given adequate time between treatments for the new growth of anagen hair to come through. Terminal hair on the body needs to be treated every 10-12 weeks and on the face every 6-8 weeks. Side effects after IPL HR is sunburn like sensation lasting 6-12 hours and skin may be temperature sensitive. It is important to wear a broad spectrum sunscreen daily. Very important is to postpone treatment if you had recent unprotected sun exposure less than a week ago. Also postpone if you have tanned skin, applied fake tan, have waxed, tweezed or epilated the hair in the treatment area. Some medications are known to be photosensitizing, therefore can act as a contra-indication. Cold sores, breast feeding, pregnancy, eczema and psoriasis is all contra-indications for IPL Hair reduction.

Note that we always talk about Hair Reduction, as we can only guarantee 80% of hair removal. 20% will always be left because of hair cycles, but that hair will be finer in texture and lighter in colour.