IPL Skin Rejuvenation

by admin  /  Jun 24, 2019

Skin rejuvenation involves the use of a light-based system that can act on dilated capillaries and pigmentation.

In dilated capillaries, haemoglobin acts as the chromophore (in other words, it will attract the light energy and convert it to heat energy). The heat destroys the red blood cells and the cells that form blood vessels.

The effectiveness of this treatment is determined by the blood vessel’s depth, size and the amount of light energy delivered into the vessel.

About pigmentation: the melanin or colour within the lesion, absorbs the light energy, turns it into heat energy, and destroys the sacs that carry the melanin. After treating the pigmentation, it will darken because of chemical changes. The cells that contain the dark pigment will travel to the surface of the skin and then slough off after 5-7 days.

The effectiveness of the treatment depends on the skin type, depth of pigmentation and the amount of energy we use. Treatment intervals for SR are every 2-4 weeks on the face and every 3-6 weeks on the body. To maintain results we recommend the regular use of a broad spectrum sunscreen and melanin inhibiting cosmeceuticals.