Revitalize Your Winter Skin and Prepare for Summer

by admin  /  Nov 30, 2021

Summertime is just around the corner! Finally! The previous winter wasn’t so bad, though. We enjoyed wearing comfy sweaters, snuggling under warm blankets, and, of course, those lattes and hot chocolates were yummy! But, winter’s cold temperatures, which caused many to turn up the heat inside, wasn’t very kind to our skin. And, now we’re experiencing spring’s lovely changes (aren’t the flowers beautiful?). But, even spring’s changing temperatures aren’t kind to our skin, either. All those variations dry, irritate, and age our skin. For some, it can also leave it itchy. And, taking hot showers and baths, which feel so good when it’s cold, even further irritate sensitive skin.

Not to worry – there are plenty of professional treatment options that can perk up your winter skin and ready it for the fun summer ahead. Here are just a few:

      Chemical Peels: professional strength peels gently rid skin’s outer level and speed cell growth, all while encouraging collagen development in the lower layers. Peels additionally leave skin looking radiant, help fight blemishes, and enhance colour. Though one treatment gets good outcomes, a series of treatments achieves optimal results.

      Dermaplaning: an exfoliation process in which an experienced skincare professional utilizes a sterile surgical blade to remove the upper layer of dead skin. The procedure uncovers even, smooth skin and reduces fine lines and wrinkles (it does not in any way stimulate facial hair).

      Facials: routine facials are absolutely essential for maintaining healthy skin, but they’re also crucial for revitalizing and re-moisturizing dry winter skin and preparing it for summer’s heat and exposure to harmful ultra-violet light.

      Celluma Led Light Therapy: a revitalizing light emitting therapy that uses blue and red light wavelengths, which treats aging and acne scarred skin and also reduces acne. Treatment also boosts elastin and collagen production, enhances blood circulation, and lessens inflammation, which additionally helps certain pain conditions. NASA developed and safe for routine treatments.

Evolve Cosmetic Skin Clinic, (“Evolve”), a Beauty Salon near Joondalup, offers all these revitalizing winter treatments, as well as others, that will rejuvenate your dull, winter skin and make it glow. Evolve also offers reduction pigmentation, ipl hair removal near Joondalup, body contouring, plus a host of other high quality treatments and products, all in a bespoke, personalised manner.

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