Professional Strength Peels

by admin  /  Jun 21, 2019

Peels are Keryolitic agents; in other words, peels are used to soften keratin so they can loosen and shed the skin. When we evenly remove the dead cells, we stimulate epidermal growth and thicken the epidermis. Damaged or abnormal cell are removed and replaced with normal, more organised cells. More importantly, an inflammatory reaction is created in the deeper layers of the skin, inducing a healing response, giving you fresh new skin. Chemical peels can be classified into 4 levels: very superficial, superficial, medium and deep. Your skin type and condition will determine the best suitable strength peel. Chemical peels are suitable for all skin types, however higher percentage strength peels may not be suitable for darker skin types. The main objective of a chemical peel is to improve skin texture, improve moisture content, build the thickness of the epidermis and improve pigmentation.

There are a few contra-indications for a chemical peel:

  1. Pregnancy
  2. Lactation
  3. Recent Roaccutane treatment less than 12 months ago
  4. Broken skin and Cold sores